Winter Coffee Beans

downloadIt’s nearly August and the Melbourne winter is in full swing. But alas, it is not a time to hide away at home lamenting your lack of vitamin D. Melbourne comes into its own when the drizzle sets in. You can easily spend whole days strolling from one café to the next and hopping from bar to restaurant and back to the bar again. As a self-confessed coffee nut, I’ve been searching around for the best winter Blend. I visited Market Lane the other week only to be disappointed at their change of blend to a straight Guatemalan again. They did this last summer and just personally, I can’t stand the boring Guatemalan beans. Give me a punchy Ethiopian Yirgacheffe any day. Last week I found a new place called Slater Street Bench on St Kilda Road and it was great. I think they use a Costa Rican Tarrazu mixed with some Kenyan for that added acidity. It was luscious, slightly fruity but still savoury and just enough acid. Alas, it wasn’t strong enough for my liking. So one Sunday night I ventured online to see what other coffee their might be. I used the help of my trusty friend Google and had a look at about 20 online coffee stores, sussing out their range and offerings. I don’t say this often but you have to visit, Melbourne Micro Roasters. They had a great range of single origins ranging from the run of the mill South American cofees such as Colombians, Brazil etc. all the way to some very interesting COE’s and expensive island coffees. After some toing and froing I settled on a purchase of a bag of Jamaican Blue Mountain, the house blend called ‘Melbourne Espresso Blend’ and a PNG Kokoda single origin. You could really go to town with the range as the Jamaican was nearly $50 for a 220g bag, yes that’s right $200 per kilo. So with my post GFC budget in mind I decided to get a small treat of JBM and a few others. What really grabbed my attention was unlike most of the sites I visited they took freshness very seriously and only roast the beans after you order making sure that you get the freshest beans. Ordering was simple, the taste was spectacular and I particularly liked the personal touch of hand written labels. I got to choose my beans, choose my grind (I prefer grinding myself) and most importantly I could get a very cost effective delivery to a Melbourne CBD location. Visit the buy coffee beans online section of their website for more details. Happy online coffee bean shopping!